The Gift of Preparation

The Book

Can you imagine the bureaucratic nightmares created when you have no idea where to find important documents nor what needs to be done?

That’s what this book, The Gift of Preparation, is all about.

Filled with practical, helpful suggestions and information, it is also a work book for you to record your details in one place.

Death. It happens, you can be prepared.

The Gift of Preparation comprises three main sections:

  • Actions to take now
  • At the time of your loss
  • Managing the afterwards

It covers a wide range of subjects, including wills and other legalities, utilities, financial related matters, insurances, medical coverage, pensions, online memberships, credit cards – and much more.

It is to help you think and share all the information and details about your life now, whilst you can, so that your special person has all the necessary knowledge needed and is sufficiently savvy to handle everything a lot easier and less stressful than if they were left in ignorance – in this instance, ignorance is not bliss!

By looking at all this now and being very practical, you are offering those close to you, the real gift of preparation.

Order now: AU$22 for the printed book.

Ideally the person being left behind needs to do more than survive – they need to re-invent themselves. Having all relevant information at their fingertips will be a very positive, helpful start. They are going to have a whole scenario of new choices and decisions to make, so the more information they have, the easier it will be for them.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars.