The Gift of Preparation


Everyone should have a copy of this thoughtful, immensely practical and useful book. It tackles end-of-life issues that people need to confront, in a sensitive and loving way. Author Carole Sandberg has done the community a great service in showing how best we can cope when someone close to us dies. — Ita Buttrose AO OBE

This book is so practical — even to the extent of addressing the three “stages” and the different things needed at each stage. A little work now will save a lot of work later and stress at a most difficult time. We sent a copy to each of our 300+ financial advisers and a number of them bought multiple copies to give to their clients. I thoroughly recommend this book for all forward thinking, caring adults. — John Prossor, Director & Compliance Manager SYNCHRON Financial Services

Guide to the inevitable… a must-have. From wills and legal documents to household finances and superannuation, Carole addresses each topic that must be dealt with on the death of a loved one.
This book should be on everyone’s shelf. It should be read now, before it is really needed, and again when the times comes. — The Senior, June 2014 Edition

This book will help you plan ahead for something we’d all prefer not to think about… what happens to the people left behind. Being prepared for this kind of transition removes unnecessary pain that can make the whole process more manageable. Carole’s book also gets you thinking at a very meaningful level, possibly will have you creating new helpful insights on this usually avoided subject. — Dr David Rock, CEO The Neuroleadership Group; Author ‘Your Brain at Work’, ‘Quiet Leadership’, ‘Your Personal Best”, New York, USA

Unquestionably, the question put towards the beginning of this fine and very useful book should cause us all to think carefully: If you or your partner were to pass away tomorrow — would you be capable of dealing with all the required bureaucracy? If the answer is no, not easily, then this book is an essential tool, to make sure as much as possible, that this difficult journey will be navigated as smoothly and sensitively as possible.
In my opinion, The Gift of Preparation is a small investment that yields an inestimable return: much needed peace of mind now for everyone. — Gary Robuck MAHL, DD

After you lose a loved one, the grieving process begins. Grief never ends, it just comes in less frequent and less intense waves. Over time, it becomes easier to function while forever treasuring the memory of this special person. If the grieving process is stalled or interrupted with complicated administrative matters, the grief can remain intense for longer. Frustration and anger can cloud pain and loss so that when the cloud lifts, the pain and loss are felt even more strongly.
The Gift of Preparation is one of those books that make you wonder why it hasn’t been written before. Carole Sandberg clearly sets out how any of us can make the journey easier for anyone we leave behind. Practical, insightful, but above all informative, The Gift of Preparation makes the hardest part of life just that little bit easier. — Jo Lamble, Clinical Psychologist, Network Ten Studio 10

I have been very fortunate to meet Carole and have taken the time to read her book, The Gift of Preparation. I know from personal experience how difficult it is dealing with the many issues that come up when we lose someone close and how overwhelming it is as you also deal with your own grief. I congratulate her on the continued success of her extremely useful book and encourage everyone to take the time to both read it and fill it in… — Michael Regan, Mayor of Warringah