The Gift of Preparation

Making a difficult time less stressful for the ones who will be left behind

Death happens, and you can be better prepared. It’s difficult enough dealing with a loss, but how much more stressful is it if you then have to handle all the legalities and details afterwards if you don’t have all the information, or know where to find it.  So, how informed are you, really?  This is one situation where ignorance is not bliss.

In the event of your death, what thought have you given to what will happen to your spouse, partner, family members and close friends, before your funeral, the day after and after that?

In the event of your partner’s death, how clear are you on what you will need to deal with?

In the event of your death, how savvy are they about the same issues?

Do you and/or your family have ready access to essential information?

Do all who need to, have all the information they need to make this emotionally difficult transition as easy as possible?

No one knows what the future holds.

Obviously, if you are over fifty, for you, this subject may not feel particularly confronting.

However more than likely, if you are in your late twenties or early thirties, there is a strong possibility you will feel this is too macabre, definitely not something you want to even think about, let alone do anything about right now.

Losing someone close to you, or them losing you is not a topic for either conversation or thought for so many people – and yet, whether we like it or not, loss does happen – often when least expected.

We are not trained to deal with, or prepare in a practical way for death, and of course, sadly, it is inevitable.

This book is for all adults, regardless of age, sex, or marital status.

The Gift of Preparation is now available as an e-book. Check it out on Remember when purchasing it as an e-book you will need to create a file to record all the details you would otherwise record in the hard copy. Once completed, ensure you then secure all these details in a safe place for when needed sometime in the future.